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How I use a Midori Traveler’s Notebook: Part 1 – The Bullet Journal

Full size and passport

If you are just hearing about Midori Traveler’s Notebooks (MTN), you may be wondering exactly what you use them for. Especially if you don’t travel much! I sure don’t but I love my Fauxdori (a handcrafted copy of the MTN). I will tell you the truth though, my intrigue was first captured by the artists who do travel and capture their memories beautifully in their MTNs. I can only gawk in wonder at those lucky enough to see such beautiful places with the skill and ability to capture it so amazingly. I, on the other hand, use mine mainly for my bullet journal. What is a bullet journal you ask? Well, let me tell you all about this revolutionary idea (at least it was to me) and how it is changing my life.


The Bullet Journal concept was created by Ryder Carroll and you can check out his website that describes the basics of a bullet journal here. I started with this basic concept and have adapted it to best suit my needs. That is the beauty. You are never stuck with someone else’s idea of what is needed in a planner. Month on one page or two? Do you need one page a day or just a week spread out over two pages? Some seasons are busy; change it up depending on the month.


large compare open

It all starts with a blank notebook. The most popular seems to be the grid paper, and that is what I like too. Lined and blank are options as well.



bullet journal month view 2

I add a monthly view in normal grid layout, gluing it into my book. With grid paper it is fairly easy to draw one if that is easier for you. This is an A5 sized notebook that I started with. It is much wider than a Midori.



bullet journal week view

For the weekly view, I used to write in days as I went as Ryder suggests on his website. But, this didn’t work for me so I went to drawing in a two page spread with space for appointments each day and then a column for notes and “Next Actions” (from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” book. Highly recommended, but that’s another post in itself!).



Because I can draw in a weekly spread whenever I want, I can include in my “appointment book” all the other things I write down and record throughout the week.


bullet journal sketch notes

Sermon notes and journal pages. I have started using “sketch notes” and I love it. Again, that is a whole new post!





Grocery shopping essentials: Price matching (I shop at Walmart), meal plan, and a place to jot down items to purchase. (Though my shopping lists goes in my phone, which is organized by aisle and arranged to match the aisles at my very own Walmart-> Time. Saver. )

bullet journal doodles

Doodles and Zentangle practice.


bullet journal doodles 2






Handtypography practice and sketching.


bullet journal month view






When I am ready for a new month, I add another monthly calendar.




bullet journal index


To help you navigate your journal, you will likely need an index. I list any pages that aren’t dated or a might want to find easily. This is especially helpful if you fill you journal with lists you want to refer to, such as books to read, movies to watch, gift ideas etc. I use a separate notebook for lists that I will post about on another day.








Future planning was the most difficult aspect of the bullet journal for me. I added a page next to the index page at the front.





The Bullet Journal was life changing for me because it is all inclusive. When I try to use a regular dated calendar or planner, It is that simple. I don’t have that many scheduled appointments, so I don’t think about opening my planner. I don’t use the super cool home management binder I spent hours researching and printing out either! (Shush, don’t tell).
But, because the bullet journal is so flexible, I can add all the pieces of my life. Grocery shopping, to do lists (or better, “next actions”), sermon notes, cute little notes on what my kids said or did. It is all in one place, so I am opening my Fauxdori multiple times a day.

  • Have an idea?? Grab the notebook and write it down.
  • Think of a great idea for a gift for a 2 year old?? Add it to the list in you bullet journal.
  • Just heard a great book recommendation?? Grab that beautiful fauxdori and take a note.
  • Capture a great memory? Print and glue that photo of your kids being adorable right into your notebook.

I hope this gives you a small idea of what you could use a Midori Traveler’s Notebook for, even if you aren’t a world traveler. Even if you stay home most days and run around after wee little ones like me.

If you need a beautiful, refillable cover to keep your bullet journal in, check out my Etsy shop for my own version of the Fauxdori – The Reedori from The Lemonade Parade!



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