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A Peek Inside My Fauxdori

I showed off my bullet journal or at least my take on the bullet journal in part 1.  I would like to invite you in to see the rest of my Ree-Dori.

I have since changed up my planner strategy in quest of “planner peace.” =) I loved the bullet journal and it was perfect for getting me started and in a habit of actually LOOKING at my planner. But, I did get tired of writing in my weekly spread and not having a good future planning system. You can see what I am using now below!


Above on the left is the ‘dashboard’ that I made. It holds a stack of post-its and some page flags from target (I don’t understand the rage here. I don’t think they work well, AT.ALL). The dash board wraps around and actually supplies a bookmark for folding over to keep my place in the weekly planner. That pink, its duck tape. Keepin’ it classy people. Keepin’ it classy.
On the right is my homemade insert with scrapbook paper from a scrapbook set I got at Michael’s. Inside is…


weekly planner

… my weekly planner.
There is a lot going on in this picture, I know. The gridded planner is what I am using now. It is a free printable from Morgan La Fae’s Trinkets. I plan on changing these up (again) next month when I receive some new printables from Boho Cottage on etsy.  The paper sticking out is a “tip in” I taped to the outside edge. It is a “brain dump” or “daily docket” of sorts that helps me organize my thoughts. I only use one of these if I feel I have a lot going on or a big project or to do list. On the far left is a little card I have taped to the outside cover of this notebook. (See the blue chevron tape in the first picture?) This functions as a book mark and has my morning and evening routines I want to work on and see everyday.


pocket and monthly

Here we have a manila folder pocket insert (again, I made it. Thrifty or cheap… you tell me). I have some Project Life cards stashed in there so I can record any hilarity that comes from my children or just general thoughts on the day to include in my PL book later. Also peaking out is two early entry tickets for Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market! I must figure out who I will gift these to, since I WILL BE GOING AS A VENDOR! Sorry to yell, I am super super excited!  The beautiful paper on the right is another handmade insert that houses….


monthly insert

… my monthly insert. I couldn’t figure out how to print these interspersed within the weeks planner, so a separate insert it had to be. Another reason I will be switching to Boho Cottage’s planner. I am trying out a strategy of color coding the month’s washi tape with the weekly planner. Will this help or be more work than it is worth…. I am not sure yet.


bible study notebook

I didn’t get a picture of the outside of this insert, it is adorable though too. =) This is my bible study/sermon notes/journal insert. In the bullet journal I just smushed it all together – planner, bible study notes etc. Now, I have 3 different notebooks. They are multiplying like little rabbits I tell ya!


atoz list

This is a permanent insert that won’t ‘date out’ or get used up. I keep my… wait for it… lists in here. (Big surprise huh?)

Some ideas of lists to keep
– Birthdays
– Books to read
– Movies to see
– Birthday gift ideas (I keep a running list of good gifts to get 2 year olds, 3 year olds, etc as I think of them)
– Dinner ideas (I recommended everyone create this list when I was a dietititan. It makes meal planning SO much easier. The picture is below)
– Wish list
– Savers/Thrift store list (what to keep an eye out for when I am thrift shopping)
– Packing lists
– House cleaning schedule
– Important Phone numbers incase I don’t have my phone handy
– Christmas gift list for family/friends

I have an index at the beginning to help me find each list. And, I don’t do it alphabetically as the cover may imply.

On the left is a plastic insert you can purchase online. Here are my business cards, always good to have handy.


zip pocket

This is the backside of my A to Z list and the other part of the plastic insert. This insert is made for a narrow, traditional sized midori. I like that is doesn’t come out to my cover’s edge, but that might bother some people. In the zip pocket I have some pretty printables I have come across. The “You Are Loved” print was actually a card designed by the extremely talented Haley Myers for Scottsdale Bible Church MOPS. You must check out her shop – Lucy Darling– for your next baby shower gift. I tell ya, she has the most ADORABLE prints and monthly stickers.


That is it! My EDC (Everyday carry) traveler’s notebook. I have another notebook (its a slippery slope folks) that I keep at home. I will show that one off another time!

You can buy a leather fauxdori traveler’s notebook in my shop on etsy -> Click here <-

What do you take in your EDC traveler’s notebook?


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